DR. GERARD CUOMO – Restoring severely broken down dental fillings Cosmetic Boca Raton, Florida

www.gcuomodds.com This procedure was filmed in my private office. It was created to help communicate the necessary steps one can take to restore severely compromised mandibular bicuspid and molar. Proper isolation through the daily use of a rubber dam will eliminate the risk of contaminating the patient with their old heavy metal fillings. Isolation also gives the dentist and assistant a cleaner operating field in which to use the microscope. The ” Opti-Link” video microscope system was utilized for this proceedure. For questions call or email 561-391-6290 or gcuomo@expanding-images.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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8 Responses to “DR. GERARD CUOMO – Restoring severely broken down dental fillings Cosmetic Boca Raton, Florida”

  1. Hey! Thanks for all of the information you helped me out with about my cracked bicuspid. You really made me feel better about my situation. I was really stressing out about it because going to the dentist really freaks me out. Its good also that you make your patients in your video feel comfortable! Wish you were my dentist!! Anyway thanks for the advice, I feel much better now. Plus I learned my cracked tooth was called a bicuspid haha. Thanks!!

  2. I am currently placing emax with cut back and porcelain layering. I am also placing CAD frames and pressing over the frames with great success. I haven’t explored Lava yet. GC

  3. do you normally use zircad, imax or lava crowns for all ceramic crowns. just wondering on what is best for posterior teeth. I’ve been doing lava but find sometime it is difficult to achieve a deep chamfer for the restoration.

  4. I removed decay, placed a composite core build up, and shaped them to ideal tooth form. She eventually will go ahead with full coverage all ceramic crowns. We are phasing in the treatment due to finances. The filling material is strong enough to chewing most foods. I always remind the patient that this is a short term fix to basically buy them some time. Thanks for your comment. GC

  5. I noticed the amount of decay present. was this restored with a crown or onlay, or did you only do a filling?

  6. Thanks for commenting. Microscope use has certainly has helped every aspect of my practice. Bottom line, one not only increases overall productivity, but also increases the quality of care. GC

  7. thank you

  8. Thank you for posting this procedure, it is a different experience seeing it through a microscope. Hope others post the advantages they also get from watching this first hand.