Dr. Tom Grams .mov

Dr. Tom Grams shows his incredible spirit and compassion for helping those less fortunate around the world through his dentistry. Tom volunteered all over the world but concentrated most of his work in the remote villages of India, Nepal and Afghanistan. Tom, along with 9 other aid workers, were tragically executed shortly after completing a medical and dental clinic in a remote mountain village in Afghanistan in August 2010. Tom provided free dental work to over 25000 people during his volunteer career. Please spread the word of the amazing work Tom did and many others do on a daily basis and maybe just maybe others will be inspired to give back to our world however they can. Thanks for watching and passing this on. www.throughachildseyesproductions.com

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2 Responses to “Dr. Tom Grams .mov”

  1. beautiful video that captured tom’s spirit and the conditions in india and nepal.i loved that it ended with a clip of tom laughing.i will remember tom like that-laughing and full of life and humor. it was such an honor working with him.i am another person whose life was impacted by his example.may i be even half he person he was.

  2. skydancerproductions on January 30th, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Thank you Dave for making this tribute to our generous friend Tom. I read about his killing while in Manhattan and wasn’t able to return to Durango for his memorial service. It’s hard to accept I’ll never see him again. The world has lost a wonderful human being.