Californian’s for Green Dentistry.Mercury Free Resolution in Costa Mesa, CA.10.19.10

Costa Mesa Leads the Way on Banning Dental Mercury in the US On July 29, 2010, Californians for Green Dentistry launched an initiative to ban dental mercury, creating mercury-free dental zones in California. The pilot project was the city of Costa Mesa, a forward-thinking city of 113000+ residents in Orange County. On October 19th, 2010 Costa Mesa City Council passed the Monahan Resolution, appropriately named for Councilman Gary Monahan, who has an autistic son, and realizes first-hand the deleterious impact mercury has on health and the environment. It is the first of it’s kind in the US. Californians for Green Dentistry gathered signatures from residents protesting the use of the toxic material in their pristine town and continued their mission by organizing a group of experts to share their knowledge about mercury with the Mayor and City Council members. Naturopaths, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Victims, Consumer Activists, an Attorney and a Microbiologist all gave their account of mercury; the hazardous material that is still being implanted into the mouths of children today. Some are calling Costa Mesa the most progressive city in the Nation as they recognized the value of “mercury free zones” in their own back yards. Marisa Russo – Californians for Green Dentistry, Charlie Brown, Consumers for Dental Choice, Washington, DC, and Anita Tibau, Kelly Gallagher, filmmaker and Kristy Mills – Californians for Green Dentistry

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  1. Stuff They Dont Want You To Know, here: stdwytk dot blogspot dot com (with no ”donate” button !!!)

  2. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the appreciation…

  3. I am right there with you all, thank you!!!!! I am sooo excited to see this finally come out.

  4. I have most of the symptoms described, and diagnosed. I have not had a normal life since dentists began to apply AMALGAM in my mouth. I am upset, appalled that those reponsible for such a mistake “overlooked” the pain and suffering they perhaps knew would inflicted upon the public/ “customers”. Disgusting.

    I cry foul!

    They will pay a small fine, if any?

    Congratulations and thanks to all those behind this victory.

  5. Fantastic news, mercury is banned in so many countries over here in Europe, but still here in the UK the big lobbies continue to force through their agenda. I think that once we see this ball start rolling in the US there will be no stopping it globally.
    Next, lets see the Fluoride removed, unfortunatly there has been a major push to remove fluoride free toothpaste from our large supermarkets why? one can only speculate.
    Well done and please keep us updated, a new subscription me thinks.

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  7. Thanks for the kind words and appreciation! Looking forward to an international co-operation with you and also to your feature documentary film – sounds very interesting!
    All the best from the Kingdom of Denmark,

  8. Thank you Henrik. Your information is awesome. Glad to meet my fellow M Teamer:) We’ll have a feature documentary film completed soon:)

  9. Great news and great video … thanks Kelly!
    Kind regards from your “teammate”,
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  10. you’re welcome:)

  11. anewhope4autism on January 10th, 2013 at 9:49 am

    I am in awe of what has been accomplished and want to know who I can contact in Oklahoma to start making change.  I am a non-practicing dental assistant and I have a child with Autism. I want to help.


  12. Excellent video – it captures the essence and the passion of the participants of this history making moment! Thank you Kelly for your continued commitment to telling the truth about Mercury in Dental Fillings!


  13. Thank you, Kelly!

  14. Is this you, Kelly Gallagher?

  15. Video didn’t load. Here’s the excitement!