How to get Whiter Teeth FAST!

Don’t forget to “LIKE”! PLEASE READ description box for all information. I’m not sure if you all would think that bleaching my teeth was necessary, but I saw a change. I’m drinking coffee more and more this was a MUST! My teeth were fairly white for the most part.. more of a natural white, but I wanted those pearly white teeth (as I’m sure everyone wants)! Listed Below are the products that I used. I hope this is beneficial. *Mwuah* Products Shown: Opalescense whitening Gel 20%- .00-25.00 Custom Fitted Bleaching Trays- 0-300.00 depending on dental office location. Call around & ask. *If you’re in the military, talk to your dentist on base about the custom fitted bleaching trays. My trays were free because we have an in-house lab. Filmed with: Canon T3i Edited with: iMovie ***Current giveaway****: 30k Subscriber giveaway- MAC, Victoria Secret, & Forever 21 *Highly requested videos: Full Foundation Tutorial: Eye Brow Tutorial: Contouring Tutorial: Hightlighting Technique used: -Hair worn in video: Individual Braids -Polish Worn in Video: Salon Polish -Lipstick Worn in Video: Honey Bear by Too Faced KEEP UP WITH ME: Business Inquiries: Instagram: Start2FinishMUA BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: BEAUTYLISH: FTC- This is a NOT a sponsored video. I purchased

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25 Responses to “How to get Whiter Teeth FAST!”


  2. Amiyah Frierson on January 22nd, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    You don’t say?

  3. heavenlyjanegould on January 22nd, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    Your teeth are white

  4. Okay i have a question. When you put the tray on you bottom tray wont the gel slid on your gums?

  5. Very informative! I’ve been searchin for a diy bleaching system because the ones at the drug stores just arent strong enough. Thanks for sharing

  6. I’m not sure you are suppose to have them on in 8 hours – it sounds a bit crazy to do so, but it helped for you…

  7. Mrsinthenavynow on January 22nd, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Wait. What just happened, I got assigned homework! Lol. II love your videos. But seriously, I am gonna google that now.

  8. Old fashion baking soda method does it for me.

  9. I know this is about teeth but I love your makeup can you do a vid for this

  10. im going to try this ! thanks ! ;D -3

  11. I just got my braces off and I am trying to Wittenberg them thanks so much for this vid. I hope it works!!

  12. Sensitivity could mean the enamel in your teeth are being stripped. Do you still use it? If so can you ask your dentist if it does or not? I really hate the sensitivity feeling. I tried the crest strips and I couldn’t do it.

  13. gonna try this xx

  14. I did zoom. After getting them bleached I was in a lot of pain not even the cooling gel helped. Im not kidding I cried to sleep. But my teeth are still wgile and I smoke as well as this was in 08 ‘

  15. I like how u went so in depth into ur experience.. Like i dont have any questions! This was super helpful,thank u so much..!

  16. Can you refer me to the person that did your braids please

  17. I just ordered mine

  18. BlissfullyShanel on January 23rd, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Your teeth look great!

  19. I use baking soda once a month and it works. Can’t do it everyday because it could damage your teeth. Gr8 video. Your hair is very cute :)

  20. can u show how you did the process

  21. Just ordered it :) )

  22. Love your braids !

  23. YAYAYYYY thank you! :)

  24. yay i needed this~ I have a similar kit but the LED light thing doesnt work anymore.. :(

  25. joeleealexander on January 23rd, 2013 at 4:41 am

    Omg I absolutely love ur teeth they sooo white I can’t wait to try this:D