National Health Insurance Debate Under Nixon

In 1971, President Nixon proposed a national health insurance plan built on heavily employer private coverage. Senator Ted Kennedy proposed what would today be called a single-payer plan. In 1974, the debate had morphed into Nixon vs. Kennedy-Mills vs. Organized labor. Despite the prediction in the second clip shown, the result was stalemate rather than passage in 1974 or 1975.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 New TYT Network channels: New TYT Facebook Page(!): Follow us on Twitter: DISCOUNTS: FREE Movies(!): Note: The above two links are for TYT sponsors. Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: TYT Network (new WTF?! channel): Check Out TYT Interviews Another one of California’s largest health insurers has stunned individual policyholders with news of huge rate increases — this time it’s Blue Shield of California seeking hikes of as much as 59% for tens of thousands of customers March 1. Blue Shield’s plan comes less than a year after Anthem Blue Cross tried and failed to raise rates as much as 39% for about 700000 California customers. San Francisco-based Blue Shield said the increases were the result of fast-rising healthcare costs and other expenses resulting from the new healthcare laws passed last year. “We raise rates only when absolutely necessary to pay the accelerating cost of medical care for our members,” the company told its customers last month. In all, the insurer said that 193000 policyholders would see increases averaging 30% to 35%, the result of three separate rate hikes since October that have been rolled into one for about 7000 members. Nearly one-quarter of the affected customers — 44000 — will see cumulative increases of more than 50% over five months. Blue Shield
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “National Health Insurance Debate Under Nixon”

  1. GlobalHealthcareNow on December 19th, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    access and affordability are on everyone’s minds these days – I’ve found an answer and it is NOT insurance – it’s much better and much cheaper, yet can save our members locally and worldwide. Our industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 35%! Bruce Inman – Global Healthcare Advocate

  2. The new healthcare plan will feed people to insurance companies like a school of sharks that smell blood.

  3. SuperHealthyHealth on December 19th, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    Even higher % increase in health insurance costs in the future?








    HARD WORKING PEACE LOVING HAPPY HONEST SOCIETY were always the slave victim and poorly starve to death. :(

  5. 2014

  6. TonikHealthInsurance on December 19th, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    Very useful information. I am very interested. thanks boss…

  7. Obama’s Healthcare reform was so watered down that passing it was almost pointless.

    I am waiting for the the single payer plan from Vermont since that might just be historical turning point in healthcare reform.

  8. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    It all depends how you define centrist. My positions would serve business, poor, rich, middle class, state, environment, everyone. Except those that want to be ridiculously rich off of others expense.

    A state that invests in its young and new industries, technology & science, will lead the way. One with high social mobility will make sure the best & the brightest get to fulfill their potential, working at NASA instead of McDonalds.

    Lifting everyone up = more consumers = more jobs etc

  9. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 7:05 pm

    Wall St. & Koch etc want 0 regulations. They’ll never be happy. The GOP have gotten so bold because the Dems got more money from many industries in ’08, and with the tea party as cover, they can now whore out 100% and get all the cash.

    Look, the GOP is bad, they’re a wholly owned subsidiary. Does that mean the Democrats aren’t? No. They can both be bought, which’d explain why problems aren’t solved, truth isn’t told.

    If the GOP is a tiger, Obama’s a wolf. Both are dangerous.

  10. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 7:29 pm

    He is bought, he’s surrounded himself with the corporatists of the corporatists, goes to the “center” (aka corporatist position) on everything, etc. I assume you’ve heard Cenk explain it several times, but Noam Chomsky predicted everything that’s happened, by saying “look at the people he surrounds himself with”.

    The healthcare bill was written by lobbyists as well. They’re almost all bought, and if Obama truly wanted that, he’d push for campaign finance reform.

  11. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 8:24 pm

    Yes it passed, but does that mean the problem’s fixed? I have no respect whatsoever for Wall St, GOP, & corporatist dems, they’re a lost cause. They’ll crash the US & global economy, & lead to unimaginable pain, starvation, etc. They deserve a million lifetimes of growing up in the worst slums of the world, dying of AIDS from having to prostitute themselves to live.

    Obama however, is bought. That’s the problem.

    The reform did some good stuff, but it didn’t fix the problem, at all.

  12. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

    No I don’t expect overnight miracles, but I did expect him to actually fight for things that make sense. For example taking a look at the cause of the financial meltdown and fighting for the Volcker rule, telling the American people over and over “What this rule does is simple. It makes sure that your money, your pension fund, and your loans aren’t used for gambling with derivatives. So if Wall Street makes the same mistakes it did, your money and your taxdollars don’t bail them out”.

  13. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 9:37 pm

    The difference is big. The difference is there’s still a monopoly for the private sector. Most people will still pay for outrageous overhead, that finances campaigns. A public option would reduce the deficit in ways the exchanges won’t. The exchange is a good idea, and I don’t see why we couldn’t have had both, as the CBO scored them both to be good for the economy & people.

    They won cuz the economy is in the shitter, Obama’s not fixing it, & the Dems started playing politics too late

  14. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 19th, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    Huh what? No they aren’t ? The exchanges are NOT a public option.

    I’m thinking of Medicare you can buy into. It’s really really simple. If you wish, you can buy into Medicare. You pay the cost of an average Medicare patient, and you get the same care they do. You’ll very probably be paying too much, but that’s the cost of the guarantee of good care. The surplus Medicare gets from its new patients will help balance its budget, and reduce the burden of taxpayers.

    Everybody wins!

  15. Blaming insurance companies for high HealthCare costs is not at all true, and income statements of United, and other public firms are available in seconds, online. BYW, UnitedHealth pays 34% tax on profits, because it earns its money INSIDE the US. Believing US Corps do NOT pay those taxes is silly, and happens because multinationals pay taxes OUTSIDE, because they earn OUTSIDE. IRS publishes income statements of corps, all together, and adding the Foreign tax credit in gives 34% tax

  16. Libs always say trash talk like “billions on profits”, “millions in bonuses”, as IF those issues cause high prices. The “percent” of revenue of those issues indicate reality, not “billions, millions”. Hemsley`s cost to customers is 9 cents per $500 premium, (of UnitedHealth, largest insurer in US). Uniteds profits are $22 per $500 premiums. Because of MediCare, Medicaids underpayments to providers, ( even with Doc fix), Private insurance is charging us FAR MORE, $125 per $500.

  17. Get CEO to work for FREE, and get 9 cents off, per $500 policy?? That solves the health care crisis? Perhaps you ought to consider the fact Govt underpayments to providers causes them to overcharge private insurance by 25%, to stay afloat. There is $125, not 9 cents. ObamaCare promises hundreds of billions Medicare savings, with more baby boomers? When they already DONT PAY enough????

  18. 2009 UnitedHealth ( US largest) CEO made 8.9 mill. Corp revenue was 87.1 Bill. CEO made much more in stock options, but that is NOT coming from customers, policyholders, that is costing the stockholders, owners, giving away part of the Corp to him. That is .0001 of revenue, a $500 ins policy has 9 cents CEO pay, after tax profit is 4.4%, is $22 on the $500 policy. IF pay CEO ZERO, and Corp makes ZERO, $500 policy falls to $477.91. Get a calculator.

  19. MyTemporaryAccount88 on December 20th, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Yeah I see that as a cheap political trick. They are hyperbolic liars who love their own govt healthcare, but that’s small potatoes. What I want is the CBO say how much X Y & Z costs, and have them have to explain why they blow a hole in the budget every single time they’re in power, and why they don’t want things that reduce the deficit and help struggling Americans.

    I want to hear “I don’t support the deifict-reducing public option, which 60%+ of Americans want, BECAUSE …”

  20. Then where are the rest? And the birth certificate and college transcripts? The usurper is going down….V is for Victory!

  21. After the Nationalization of insurance, medicine is complete, Govt will be forced to pay market rates, instead of low, ripoff rates, OR shortages of service will result. See, supply, demand model.

  22. Govt pays doctors less than market rates, through Medicare, Medicaid now. Doctors, hospitals, providers OVERCHARGE private insurance corporations, so the “average” between Govt Low Pay clients, and private insurance evens out Govts ripping off Med Providers. Since the recession sent many workers from private insurance through work, small businesses, into Govt Medicaid programs, the “mix” of Low pay to high pay has declined. So, insurance co`s must raise prices. ( 5% profit avg)


  24. Obama has a college degree and most that have them are clueless and cannot apply what they went to college for. Must be why he is so clueless as to what to do. No experience in the work force whatsoever . Being a community organizer doesn’t make you smart at all. He was what I would call a radical activist . No one has seen him apply his law degree in a court of law, nor has he ever stood in front of a judge to fight a case, so that tells me he is dumber than a box of rocks.