World at 8 Wednesday 27 June 2012

Charitable Aid, Foreign Aid or NHS Aid? Our National Health Service is cut but not charitable or foreign aid. You step off a lorry in the UK after travelling thousands of miles and qualify for free NHS help and medication. Contract AIDS in Nigeria, come to the UK and get your medication free! Now the NHS struggles and government funded charities are doing very well, thank you very much! It has been reported that thousands of charities are ‘barely disguised fronts for state backed campaigns’ and over 27000 groups rely on taxpayer money for more than 75 per cent of their income. Money needs to go into this country’s health services rather than going to dubious charities! Highlights of the news today Wednesday 27th June • 8 illegal immigrants actually deported from the UK at last • National Trust appeal to safeguard White Cliffs of Dover • Labour U-turn in Welsh rubbish row • German Court rules that ‘circumcision amounts to bodily harm’ • Australia could be backing down on their immigration stand • Thought for the Day — The fall of our Health service and the rise of the diverse ‘charities’ • Finally — name change for our Big Ben — No! Niet, Nein, Nada, Nye…………..

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2 Responses to “World at 8 Wednesday 27 June 2012”

  1. Great news out of Germany! It’s time that the genital mutilation of boys was banned, and that the Law protected boys and girls equally.

  2. Well said: Stop immigration, start repatriation.
    Big Ben is BIG BEN to rename it is another attempt to ‘deconstruct’ or nation & national identity by deconstructing our traditions & institutions
    As for Europe: geographically, historically, ethnically & culturally we are very much part of Europe. However (as Enoch said) we should not be in the EU unless it can be completely re-negotiated so as to preserve our National sovereignty.