Dawgeh fails at CS:S Part.1 : Cs_office, i love you.

Dawgeh goes to play some CS:S (Counter Strike: Source) And has lots of fun, EXCEPT FOR THAT DAMN 99HP HITMARKER OO Links Subscribe www.youtube.com Twitter twitter.com Stupid Tags: widescreen fps 1st diamond “custom map” mod lets play playthrough walkthrough commentary gameplay uberhaxornova nova “how to” new paragon machinima respawn hd multiplayer custom “video game” gaming tutorial howto weapons update “walkthrough part” guide original “rage quit” wool “pre release” prerelease showcase crazy death sickos little boy happy wheels “happy wheels” old lady big man character santa wheelchair flash bike montage random wiggle niblets best “flash game” the world Dawgeh is awesome i am awesome england america australia denmark dansk danish slovenian david henry ditlev omar remixer What you doin down here?

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