Real Nervous and Scared Long Island Dental Implant Patient Real Nervous and Scared Long Island Dental Implant Patient Edward Brant Periodontist 447 Lake Avenue, Saint James, NY 11780 (631) 584-4395 This patient was beyond scared of the pain she was going to feel when dental implant surgery was performed. This is an actual patient of long island periodontist and dental implant expert, Dr. Brant. He serves the Smithtown and Suffolk County areas. This patient had advanced gum disease and periodontitis. The periodontal disease was controlled for many years with gum surgery and gum treatments. However, the disease of the gums became too advanced and tooth removal was necessary. This patient had 16 dental implants done with no pain experienced during the tooth extractions and dental implant surgery. The cost of the dental implants and the lack of dental insurance fades when the value of a new healthy smile is realized.
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