Q & A With Dr Jamie Geddes, Part 3: Dental Care at Ku-Ring-Gai Vet Hospital

In this short video, listen to practice partner Dr Jamie Geddes discussing the benefits of pro-active dental care for your pet’s health and happiness. If you want to speak to one of our experts at Ku-Ring-Gai Veterinary Hospital please visit our website (www.kvhvet.com.au or call 02 9449 4111.
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This is a parody of the infamous Gangnam Style by Psy. Grand Rounds are meetings traditionally held weekly to discuss interesting or difficult medical or surgical cases among health professionals. This video was produced by final year medical students of Sydney University at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney Australia as part of a student’s parody of grand rounds. Written, performed, directed, edited by Jason Han Flashmob dancing by many Sydney University Northern medical students Elevator pelvic thrusting by Anthony Rososinski Filming by Janani Mahadeva, Eileen Langford, David Leon Original music by Psy Huge thanks to all the Doctors of RNSH involved in dancing for this video, as well as for teaching us so enthusiastically throughout the years: – Dr Michael Hibbert – A/Prof Bruno Giuffre – A/Prof Anthony Gill – Dr Ralf Illchef – Dr Greg Gard – Dr Peter Bland Check out the other awesome skits that were made for Northern Student Grand Rounds 2012: The Impossible Cannula www.youtube.com Infectious diseases gangnam style www.youtube.com International student internship crisis www.youtube.com Moving to the new RNSH www.youtube.com
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21 Responses to “Q & A With Dr Jamie Geddes, Part 3: Dental Care at Ku-Ring-Gai Vet Hospital”

  1. Love the Fresh Plus Guy. Awesome dancer!

  2. Hilarious

  3. nice job folks! This video joins the other parody from Toronto made by ObGyn doctors
    search “OB/GYNE Style (Psy – Gangnam Style hospital parody)” on YouTube

    nice to see medical staff having some fun !!!

  4. Diksha Chhetri on January 9th, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    What a brilliant parody. :D

  5. Sophia Fellani on January 9th, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    ha! i love it! if only grand rounds could be like this!

  6. most awesome…where was this filmed? We showed it at our grand rounds today!

  7. Love it
    But it’s filipino not phillipino ;)

  8. LOL I love this! :D 

  9. The spelt Korean wrong in there caption

  10. Awesome … Funny a hell

  11. Even Gandalf’s magic lets this pass. LOL. And rather apt considering The Hobbit is about to be released. This is amazing! Good work Jason.

  12. Respect. They’re all such good sports. Hibbert cracks me up.

  13. LOL

  14. Love it!!!

  15. crack me up nice one

  16. Haha thanks! He declined the dancing but he did do a speech on the day

  17. LOL Jason you did awesome. Where is prof K??

  18. Just made my day. Especially the bit about how if you’re too late there’s just bread… triangle bread.

  19. Excellent!

  20. Epic.

  21. great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!