Stretch marks laser fraxel treatment Sydney , Stretch marks laser fraxel treatment Sydney CBD

MD COSMEDICAL SOLUTIONS SYDNEY 1300 FACELIFT HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK HIT ON LINK http How does this latest technology differ from previous offerings? Thermage CPT stands for “Comfort Pulse Technology” and is representative of Thermage’s continued efforts to provide the most effective and comfortable skin tightening treatment available on the aesthetic market today. Comfort Pulse Technology achieves the following: Greater Skin Tightening Through A New Heating Algorithm The redesigned facial treatment tips deliver enhanced heat distribution and uniformity, which lead to improved volumetric heating. A greater volume of tissue is heated to target temperatures and the heating is more evenly distributed across the treatment area. Data from clinical studies demonstrate that the Thermage CPT system heats four times more tissue to therapeutic temperatures than current technologies. This translates into even more skin tightening than what was available with the prior facial tips! Increased Comfort Through “Comfort Pulse Technology” The new Thermage CPT system employs “Comfort Pulse Technology” along with a new vibrating handpiece to enhance efficacy and greatly improve patient comfort. The new CPT technology
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