Universal Health Care Insurance & Neighborhood Healthcare Centers / Video

Universal Health Care Centers — Are Physicians Doing Their Part? / Video. Film on why health care workers and health care centers are needed to care for the…
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12 Responses to “Universal Health Care Insurance & Neighborhood Healthcare Centers / Video”

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  2. Smartassawhip on July 5th, 2013 at 2:20 am

    The USA has the … “BEST SPECIALISTS” … but our Health Care System stinks and is ranked as the Low 37th on a World Scale !! It’s like saying “THE USA WON THE MOST GOLD MEDALS IN THE OLYMPICS … SO THE ENTIRE AMERICAN POPULATION IS MADE OF TOP ATHLETES !!
    When in reality we have an overweight & sick …(cancer~heart diseases~diabetic)… population, compared to other nations. For ways in which you can contact your representatives visit my profile. Don’t Fall for all the Propaganda!

  3. Phillip March on July 5th, 2013 at 3:06 am

    Please get on line and write your local Congressman and Senators that we will not accept anything less then a “Public Option” heathcare plan. The GOP keep saying that they do not want the Government involved in your healthcare. You all might want to know that the GOP overwhelming voted against Medicare many years ago and ask anyone over 65 how they feel about Medicare.. It has been a good deal for them. Please, do your part. Insurance companies are ripping you off!

  4. rosary: Someone always has to pay. If it is set up as just one person doing it then that person or system will get burdened. As more and more people use it the system is taxed more. Prices are driven higher which inevitably fall on the consumer. ansadians come here for fast healthcare because their system is slow at working things out.

  5. WeedMIC, I know people who are citizens of the UK — and their needs are taken care of for free. Yes, they pay taxes to cover the costs.

  6. U have never lived in the UK then. I have. There is absolutely no comparison between the free market care system in the US and the socialist one in the UK. None at all.

  7. wormer105, other countries have used it sucessfully.

  8. WeedMIC, the movie, “Sicko” visited the UK and reported favorably on their system.

  9. If u take away the financial incentives, there won’t be enough people becoming doctors or companies finding evidence based cures. You will end up with queues for basic care like they have in the UK.

  10. Kind of wonder, what universal health care and neighborhood insurance, will be like? Under Barack Obama?! Interesting!

  11. Any plan to universalize healthcare is doomed to fail due to overburdening.

  12. Interesting