AWIS Healthcare Benefits For You (24hr Recording)

This is a 24hr prerecorded message for all Americans who think that they can’t afford healthcare benefits, or don’t have benefits or, even have medical conditions and can’t get approved for major medical insurance. We market Association Healthcare Plans. Our company has the Best Dental HMO Insurance Plan with the lowest co-pays in the entire country. People are going absolutely crazy over our dental plan. Members are also entitled to limited group health and life insurance benefits. Clients are amazed with what we can help with especially people who don’t qualify for Medicare/Medicaid or for some reason don’t qualify for private health insurance because of health issues like being overweight, having heart attacks, cancer. Most healthy individuals would qualify but we all know Major medical insurance can be very expensive. Through our association anyone qualifies. (the Self-Employed individuals, Truck Drivers, Students, Small and Large Businesses, even minimum wage employees. We believe that wellness should be affordable to all. :) If you want more information on our low cost healthcare options or, if you have any questions please email Myeisha Means or Lena Scales at or 832-795-3102. Please send this to everyone you know who may need our help.
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